Since the beginning of my work as an artist, drawing has always played an important role. There are two statutes of the drawing: the drawing of design holding the design of the work and the drawing work of art. Here on the site, I show you only the works. 

Always part of Face FS series, these sub-series will show you the entire work

These works from 2006 are the first drawings of the Face FS series. They follow the development of the series in discovering the new face of humans in our global world. Drawings use different technics and inaugurate new freedom of making works. 

Clown Clone follows the painted works, from 2007. These little works use a particular light on an engraving paper who gives them a sweet closeness in spite of their irony.

Three works for a multi coated clone set

After a journey in Israël, I drew these free 14 stations of Golgotha called: Face FS14 Love Stations, during spring 2009. Different technics are used: graphite, spray, canvas, oil, pastels, gold leaves.  Size is 120x80 cm each.

Face FS Black Manner series is a set of large drawings from 2012, 150x200 cm or 110x150 cm. all graphite on paper.

In spite of the human anaporphosis, the renderer is smooth and warm, because the touch is giving  a velvet feeling.

Face FS Autopsycho Series, includes two works to date, 2012. The sheets of paper are sewn by hand, the flesh paint that can be seen from below by a hole. It is a question of shaping Man at the time of "human breeding", posthumanism, as the whole work since 2004.

Works size 120x80 cm.

Since 2012, several other drawing series have been drawn. They will be soon visible here. You will discover:

- Face FS Project Koncentration Lager, 9 works, 30x40 cm, ink on paper, 2014.

- Face FS Golgoth'Art 2017 series, 11 works, from 30x40 cm to 100x250 cm, graphite and gold leaves mounted on canvas,  2016-17.

- Face FS Korian Mental Hospital series, 19 works, 120x80 cm, graphite, and ink on paper, 2017.

- Face FS Chord Theory, 10 works, 120x80 cm, Chinese ink and colored pen on paper, 2018.

- Face FS Black and White Storm, cousue de fil d'or, 40 works, from 50x30 cm to 200x400 cm, Chinese ink on paper, 2019.