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Les baies rouges d'églantier novel - roman - christophe avella bagur 2021

I have the great pleasure to present to you the second opus of my literary work: Les baies rouges d'églantier.


Les baies rouges d'églantier is a fictional novel about art, love, freedom, which begins with a manifesto of artistic creation in Adrian's studio. Adrian painter, work for a great art that draws its strength and value from history and morality. But this exhausting work locks him in and isolates him. He leaves the studio and meets Pomona, like the muse painted by Titian.

This novel is a way of life, a will to get rid of what hinders existence by our own choices. It is a hymn to art, to love, to nature.

238 pages / 12.7x20.32 cm

ISBN-13 : 9798517037961

Available on Amazon :

- ebook

- Paper

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Les pleureuses 2020.JPG

Next exhibitions Les Pleureuses :

- Paris galerie Richard oct2020 to jan2021

- Arlon, Belgium, jun2021 - jul2021

Welcome !

51 tons of life, peoty by Christoph Avella Bagur

I have the pleasure to feature my recent work.

Unusually, this is not a pictorial work like painting or drawing.

But a book of poetry titled: 51 Tons Of Life.

This is a set of more than eighty short and free style poems, about path of life between love and creation.

The book is published since July 2020, at Sydney Laurent editions, Paris. Available on all digital platforms and book stores.

Thanks !

christophe avella bagur, Face FS Clown Clone Crown I Need Better
selfportrait 51 tons of life 08 2020 col
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