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51 Tons of Life, is the artist's first literary opus. It brings together 90 short poems in free prose on the path of life between the studio, travel, love.

at : Sydney Laurent Editions, Paris, 2020.

Les Pleureuses are a new set of works (52) in chinese ink on paper. Les Pleureuses are about the contemporary womon in our world.

The first presentation was is Paris in 2020 (galerie Richard). Find them again in Arlon Palace in Belgium,

From june 4th to july 16th !

on Youtube, directly during their creation in the artist's studio

Affiche pleureuses ok pour wix.jpg
Les pleureuses 2020 LS.JPG

Miscellanea next group show in Belgium, 

come to see new paintings of the Face FS series!

Black and White Storm, 

A new monograph of works devoted to black and white inks.

Sub-series of Face FS, Black and White Storm, uses as source the social riots in France since autumn 2018.

The unique use of ink on paper is a simplicity of action for raw and expressive works.

This edition is available from May 2019 by e-book and printed book.

affiche expo miscellanea 2019 belgique.j
Black and White Storm - christophe avella bagur new book works - black and white ink on paper 2019

OUVERTURE, in Altromondo Gallery, in Manilla !

OUverture Altro Mondo.jpg
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