paintings.Face FS 1st part

The First works of the Face Floating Soul series from 2004 to 2005, began with Face FS4 The Monk, when I came back from Japan.

These paintings size between 110x160 cm and 160x200 cm, oil on canvas.

Works continued with colored Face FS.

These fast streams of colors are not an aesthetic purpose, but high speed souls.

Tallest work Face FS47 Raw Symposium is 210x400 cm

Clown Clone ironic alityration for a changing human. The appearance of clown in the series began in 2007-08.

I particularly like Face FS64 Peeing Colors, oil on canvas of 280x210 cm

From 2010, sizes of the works were enlarged to open the portrait towards scenes including the space world. The best example is 

Face FS1812 PIlgrimage To The New World, oil on canvas, 200x380 cm. The work is a pictorial reading of  Pilgrimage To San Isidorio from Francisco Goya, 1812.

From 2012, works were shown in the USA, I enlarged their size to give them frontality and a different impact.