Since 2004, I have realized several performances during the exhibitions. It is always the opportunity to reveal the Work thanks to another artistic medium. Also to share the power of art with other artists. Most of the time, two famous Japanese butoh dancers (Maki Watanabe and Gyohei Zatsu) have worked with me. Placed in galleries in Paris or New York, in Art center in Manosque or in theatre in the South of France, each time the works perfectly fit their dances.

I remember the video directed in New York downtown from the Brooklin Bridge to Times Square or when I leashed Maki in the street to the gallery, as a ghost, a Floating Soul. Great theater moment!

Another one, when I arrived with flowers to my own funeral in the Knight Templar castle in Gréoux-Les-Bains...

Probably the strongest took place in the same old castle for a sculptures show: Farglivert. For that show, I asked a French musician, trumpeter,  Mathieu Esterni to adapt the Wagner operture: Siegfried's Death And Funeral March in free jazz.

Farglivert is Yiddish word means frozen tears (used and founded in Auschwitz-Birkenau in the manuscript of the Sonderkommando Zalman Gradowski "Voices Under Ashes"). The thema of the show was a contemporary transposition about the concentration camps of the WW2 in our standard world.